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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19397237215514509404134593Isaac ShinebergOlinda2021/2022Division 92 1South Belgrave
28984737115514509396969689*Percy HyettOlinda2021/2022Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield6 1Mountain Gate
38684737115514509397006086Percy HyettOlinda2021/2022Division 42 1Aura Vale
479134098915514509397006079Adrian WilloughbyOlinda2021/2022Division 42 1Aura Vale
576216435315514509404134576Tom Van BuurenOlinda2021/2022Division 92 1South Belgrave
666134098915514509397008266*Adrian WilloughbyOlinda2021/2022Division 46 1Mountain Gate
76597237215514509404134265Isaac ShinebergOlinda2021/2022Division 91 1Johnson Park
86440688215514509397007664*Tom GelbertOlinda2021/2022Division 45 1Knox Boronia
961134098915514509397006861*Adrian WilloughbyOlinda2021/2022Division 44 1Knox Gardens
106072109215514509396969060Tim ScottOlinda2021/2022Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield4 1Rowville
115372115715514509397536653Campbell HarrisOlinda2021/2022Division 74 1Rowville
1253213529615514509404134553Sebastian ShinebergOlinda2021/2022Division 92 1South Belgrave
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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