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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11001340989126145092743872100adrian willoughbyOlinda2017/2018Division 88 1Monbulk
29341677212614509274385793Adam HumphriesOlinda2017/2018Division 84 1Belgrave
39041678412614509274386990Mikel GreenoughOlinda2017/2018Division 87 1South Belgrave
48784737112614509270610987*Percy HyettOlinda2017/2018Under 13 Div 12 1Knox Gardens
58572109212614509264218885Tim ScottOlinda2017/2018Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield1 1South Belgrave
67641677212614509274386376*Adam HumphriesOlinda2017/2018Division 85 1St Johns Tecoma
77641679012614509264219376Dominic R WoodfieldOlinda2017/2018Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield2 1St Johns Tecoma
87339944212614509268446973Greg BoxOlinda2017/2018Division 45 1Ferntree Gully Footballers
96484737112614509282378164*Percy HyettOlinda Cricket Club2017/2018Under 14 Sat Div 29 1Mazenod
106160664012614509269924661*Ted M BoxOlinda2017/2018Under 16 Div 13 1Mountain Gate
116062393112614509274385260Jake A RiordanOlinda2017/2018Division 83 1Upwey-Tecoma
125740688212614509264222757Tom GelbertOlinda2017/2018Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield11 1St Johns Tecoma
135567321712614509282378155Liam HumphriesOlinda Cricket Club2017/2018Under 14 Sat Div 29 1Mazenod
145460666012614509269924654*Josh LangerOlinda2017/2018Under 16 Div 13 1Mountain Gate
155360666012614509269925253Josh LangerOlinda2017/2018Under 16 Div 14 1Monbulk
165372109212614509264222553Tim ScottOlinda2017/2018Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield10 1South Belgrave
175241679012614509264222052*Dominic R WoodfieldOlinda2017/2018Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield9 2Rowville
185271528112614509269927452Ethan KennedyOlinda2017/2018Under 16 Div 19 1Eildon Park
195284737112614509282377152*Percy HyettOlinda Cricket Club2017/2018Under 14 Sat Div 25 1Ferntree Gully Cricket Club
2050134616512614509264221050Roger OatesOlinda2017/2018Division 2 RJ DeCoite Shield7 1Lysterfield
215066190812614509282377450*Joshua L RoweOlinda Cricket Club2017/2018Under 14 Sat Div 26 1Upwey-Tecoma Cricket Club
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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